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The Athletic Club CBR was created under the premise that everyone has the capacity to better their body through regular movement and development. We are a private, small group and coach led facility that offers a system of practices for the regeneration of your health, fitness and wellbeing for the long game. We give you the skills to build a lifestyle that enhances your physical being and regulates your health to an optimal state.

I never really enjoyed exercising or eating healthy, in fact, I hated it. I wanted to like it, but I was discouraged by the results I was obtaining. This club has changed my approach to it all, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. They offer a complete package, tailored to your needs. The club doesn’t take a random approach to anything. Every class and every session you part take in is thoughtfully designed around science and technique of training. My only problem now, I enjoyed exercising and being at the club a little too much! 

Sergio Suarez Villa

Bron and Matty are the two most knowledgeable coaches I have ever worked with. They have helped me turn my personal fitness and wellbeing goals into a realistic training plan that apply fundamentals. Since starting at the club, I have improved my posture, energy and flexibility. My training challenges me but also is balanced with recovery and regular check-ins which keep e motivated and consistent. Thanks to the club, team!

Shuchita Pota

A one of a kind gym in Canberra. With an abundance of choices for gyms and trainers in the ACT, none come close to the athletic club. Small group classes and personal coaching, allow the coaches to be attentive to your technique. This guides you to actually achieving your health and fitness goals. The environment is friendly and conducive. Coaching world-class. Members are awesome! 6-months in and 10-kgs lighter! This is a product of the training environment and knowledge we are surrounded by. TAC is more than just a gym, it is a community. I encourage anyone seeking a training space to contact them today.

Mr Jay

Coach, thought you would like to know the milestone I hit today. The first bridge to bridge, Lake Burley, run without stopping. Only slowed down to take the stairs. I never thought my fitness would be like this and completely pain/ niggle free. Thank you.

James Nestor

IAC is like my second home. The environment is so supportive and motivating. Going to the gym is my favourite part of the day. Most importantly, the coaches push me to my limits and provide the best advice for training and health in general. 3 years ago, I never realised I could lift as much as I can now. I continue to surprise myself with how far I can go with the right knowledge and support here.

Alex Petsas

I joined the athletic club searching for a fun gym community but I found so much more. I was also quite broken, riddled with injury. (bloody crossfit ha ha ha) Matty and Bron have supported and encouraged me back to training to my fullest potential and they have even put up with my attitude. Their focused training plans have supported my goals inside and outside of the gym by creating a strength and conditioning program tailored to my outcomes. I love being able to surround myself with positive people that want the best out of life and their bodies.

Thanks for putting up with me! x

Jen Burgess



Matty Rodgers is a Human Development Coach and the creative mind behind The Athletic Club’s systems of practice. He is an exercise specialist with an extensive career in personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, powerlifting, weightlifting and CrossFit.


Training in the gym was not always a natural and weekly activity for Bron, learning from a beginner stage to build her state of strength and fitness through education and hard work. Bron has 5 years of experience as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, and mentor, now helping our members at The Athletic Club in bettering their movement and mindset.  


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The Athletic Club offers a range of memberships to suit your training needs. We are fluid and flexible – with no lock-in contracts, the ability to suspend your membership whilst allocating all of your session bookings via our members training app. We give you the power to choose and train, while we take care of the rest. 


We offer 3-main types of memberships


The Athletic Club is a training facility that offers semi-private personal training, small group training and specialist personal coaching. We have a range of sessions and classes designed to help enhance physical capacities for human beings of all levels and ages. Our sessions are designed around periodisation programming principles, that build from one another over 16-week training terms. Each session is 60-minutes in duration and you always have the support of a highly experienced and qualified coach taking you through your session. 


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Aleksi Toivonen is a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist with years working with professional athletes and general population clientele. He has studied at the Tampere Sports Massage Institute of Finland. Working with techniques of sports massage, Aleksi also specialises in cupping and injury rehabilitation. He works closely with The Athletic Club’s coaches and members to ensure that their bodies are always working optimally. He is commonly referred to as “the wizard” around the club due to his ability to identify and help assist with many niggles and injuries people incur from life and training. 

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